Thanks for checking out my website, I have been playing the drums for 20+ years and enjoy various styles of music.  I have played in many rock and jazz bands during this time and am always open to new musical experiences.  I started transcribing solos coupled with MIDI programming a few years ago to elevate my own performance and realized their potential to be a great educational tool for others.

Below are some of the projects I have produced:

Carmine and Vinny Appice "Drum WarsóRealistic Drum Solos Unfolded" Instructional Book and DVD, 2016 Alfred Publishing; co-author and DVD producer.

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Jason Bonham "Good Times Bad Times" transcription and play-along MP3s from Led Zeppelin's "Celebration Day" featured on




Keith Moon Instructional Video set on (The Who's Official Website).  Includes transcriptions and slow-motion video with MIDI programming.

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Carl Palmer's first Instructional DVD including transcriptions and slow-motion video of Carl's most famous solos!  Please click HERE for more details!


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I hope you enjoyed my interview in the April 2010 issue of Modern Drummer and the accompanying videos and transcriptions at    I am always open to discussing my work, educational projects, drum clinics etc...  Please feel free to contact me through any of the links below.  I'll have more updates posted here soon, so please check back.  Thanks!